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Flexera beginner

Setup file .isproj shown as incompatibles in Visual Studio 2017

When i mapped and opened a project to my Visual Studio 2017, the setup file is being shown as incompatible. The error is for .isproj: The application which this project is based on was not found.
The setup works with Flexera AdminStudio Enterprise 2016 SP2. i tried every possible way but it still doesn't work. pls help.
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Community Manager cvirata Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Setup file .isproj shown as incompatibles in Visual Studio 2017

Hi @ishivamin,

It looks like you have a specific question about our AdminStudio product. To get assistance for product specific questions, it is best to post them on the product specific forum. For now, I have moved your post to the AdminStudio product forum. In the future, you can access this forum by going to the AdminStudio product page:

Hope that helps,

Christine Virata-Stone

Flexera Community Team  

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Flexera banna_k

Re: Setup file .isproj shown as incompatibles in Visual Studio 2017

Hi @ishivamin ,


It looks like your Installshield integration with the Visual studio is not working\lost. Error message say, visual studio not able to find the application to open the .isporj file.

This kind of situation usually comes, if the visual studio installed\upgraded after Installshield installation.

1- Can you check whether installshield 2016 SP2 or higher version is installed in your machine  

2- Can you check whether you are able to see installshield project types in the Visual studio new project type dialog.

This can be resolved by repairing installshield from the Add and Remove programs, or the below command can be executed to register installshield with Visualstudio.

Close all running instance of Visual studio.

1- Open cmd in administrator mode

2- change directory to installshield system folder

cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2018\System"   ( if you are installed IS2018, or change it appropriately )

3-  execute  TSConfig.exe /registervsip


 See, whether you are able to open the project in visual studio.

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Flexera beginner

Re: Setup file .isproj shown as incompatibles in Visual Studio 2017

Thank u soo much.. after everything else failed this worked for me.
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