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Repackaging Questions

By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran


My former AdminStudio customer who is going through the evaluation asked for help regarding the two applications attached.

"There are two applications that I am attempting to repackage and have not been successful so far. Both applications go pretty deep into the operating system. I have already tried to look for the specific codes for these errors in MSI View on knowledge articles but was not able to find a solution there."





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The first application errors appears to be related to a character set that's not supported without enabling UTF-8 encoding on the MSI in the InstallShield Editor.

  • Don’t build the MSI option in Repackager, only build the Editor (.ISM) project file
  • Open that Editor project with the InstallShield Editor
  • Go to:
    1. MEDIA > Releases
    2. Click on the release (likely Release1)
    3. Click on Build tab
    4. Select Build UTF-8 Database, change it to Yes


The second error for the first application is likely related to this first error.

There is a limit to how long the file path in MSIs can be, at 260 characters (see more info here); this appears to be related to the second application error message. The path should be modified, if possible, to a shorter length.

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