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Repackaging Norton Antivirus 8.0

Hello guys/girls. Norton Antivirus 8.0 comes with a tool called repackager that should help you create an msi for your installs. It does create one for me, but this is a very strange kind of MSI. The Active Directory policy will not accept it as a valid msi package, when you run the msi by double clicking on it, it extracts a bunch of files from the msi and only then runs the install.

Does anybody know/have any experience with this product, i've tried repackaging Nav 8.0 install using AdminStudio, it did repackage ok but some features when clicked crash Norton.

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I just found some documentation on Symantec's website that states their msi installer of Norton Antivirus Corporate 8.0 does not support AD Deployment. How can somebody so big like Symantec offer AD Deployment in version 7.6 and stop supporting MSI AD deployment in version 8.0. Their install was created using installshield too. I've been trying to repackage their install for a few hours now. ( yes you are not supposed to repackage MSI, but i dont' have a choice here, gotta deploy my applications via AD). Does anybody have any suggestions? Basically it installs ok, but the Service will not start and application crashes when i try running manual scan.

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I have had the exact same issues. I can create a package but the services will not start and the manual scan will crash the machine. I also have issues with the Current User registry key. It's frustrating at best.
If the setup is packaged as an "InstallScript MSI" package, perhaps see InstallShield Knowledge Base article Q108166, at