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Repackaging Complex Applications

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
The application is complex because it is a collection of 4 setup.exes. One of which contains an embedded msi. My question is there any best practices for repackaging complex applications like this? At my company we have a policy of not repackaging vendor msi's. However would there be an argument for doing that here. At the moment I generally use the multiple step snapshot method.
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The same best pratices you use for a Single repackage is going to be the same as a multiple. You will just need to take 4x times as long cleaning up your app. : )
I would not even consider repacking a vendor MSI. Just call the msi from your repack the same as they do..

The only thing to watch for when repacking multiple apps is that they all tend to have different INSTALLDIR values, you only have one.