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Recommended process for backup and recovery

Does anyone have a proven/documented process for backing up Adminstudio 8.0 and WFM 4.0?
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For what it's worth, what you would be looking for can be broken down into a couple of different areas:

Database Server backup

Since in AdminStudio 8, the Managed Catalog and AES/WFM database are all the same, standard SQL/Oracle backup techniques are used. Your DBA (if you have a specific DBA) should have further details on what your organization's standard process will be.

Network File Share backups

In WFM, this will be the File Share where company logos and file uploads are placed. Since paths in the database point to this, you'll just back up this folder structure, and restore it to the same UNC path. It's generally recommended to use standard file system backup techniques for this.

In AdminStudio, this is similar--the network repository. The same overall process will apply since these are referenced by paths in the database.

Web Application Backup

Backing up the AES/WFM web application is only strictly necessary if you make customizations such as:

--Custom Email templates
--Script Execution Steps (WFM)
--Custom Plugins (i.e. iPlugin.dll)
--Custom Hotfixes provided by Macrovision Engineering
--Custom Webpage steps (WFM)

Generally, we recommend using standard methods of windows backup for this such as NTBackup.exe. This should handle both IIS and the web application.

Some people have taken the manual approach of making a copy of the wwwroot folder, and then copying this over a clean reinstall of WFM. For backing up your IIS settings, IIS Supports saving a site's configuration to a file.
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