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If your import of applications into the Application Manager catalog takes an extremely long time, there are a few adjustments to your environment that may be made.


  • One large improvement sometimes comes from having a dedicated Drive for the Adminstudio Temp folder. This setting can be found under Options->General->Select Temporary Location.
  • Another improvement can be made by increasing the RAM on the machine, beyond the minimum requirements.
  • And many companies often have antivirus software that does real-time scanning of files during the import process. Adding rules\exclusions for Adminstudio Processes may also improve performance. It may also help to whitelist the Adminstudio Temp folder as well.
    1. An additional alternative to Live Scanning on Demand is to have the import files be saved to Shared Storage via other endpoints where virus scans are performed regularly for any new files entering the network and scanned on a routine scheduled basis.
  • It is also recommended to have 16GB of RAM to help improve performance.
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