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Problem with adding files via transform

I am using Admin Studio 9.5 for all our packaging. Company requirements state that a "tag file" for each package must be included in the build. This is used for software inventory purposes.

Currently I am attempting to create a response transform for a package, and am having trouble trying to include the tagfile into the transform. I create the MST first, then close Tuner and open it in InstallShield for more granular configuration. All of the settings I choose through the response (disable language packs, etc.) work, as do many of the changes I make (delete a shortcut, set the installation information to point to our Helpdesk email for support, etc.). However, adding the tag file is not working for me. In the folder view, I add a new folder under the Windows directory, and then add the file. I get the pop up asking me if I would like to put it into a CAB file or leave it uncompressed (have tried both ways, no success). I can see where it states the file was streamed successfully into the MST. But when I run the installation, it does not actually drop the file onto the machine. I go back into the MST and can see the file there, and the referenced component, but it isn't loading it during installation. Can someone please let me know what I am doing incorrectly?
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It's not clear why the additional file you included in the transform file did not get installed. I suggest taking a look at the following article to for best practices in adding a file via a transform:
Using Transforms to Add Resources

So make sure that you are new file is in a new component which is in a new feature as is recommended in the above article.

Then test to see if it works. Create a MSI log file in case it does not work. Then you can check the log file for the InstallValidate action to see if your new feature and component were marked to be installed locally.

See the following article about how to enable logging:
How to enable Windows Installer logging