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Problem when repackaging and deployig in AD

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I am trying to repackage and deploy RealOne Player, and have had some limited success...

I have a MSI-file that works just fine when running it locally, but when I deploy it in my Active Directory I start to run into problems.
If I assign it to a GPO and select the "Maximum" user interface everything works fine, but if I choose "Basic" the package doesn't seem to work

If I try to run RealOne after installation using the "Basic" option the MSI-installer starts agai and reinstalls RealOne, then throws me back to the desktop.

I noticed this behavior in some other applications I was repackagin, but found that InstallShield used Advertized shortcuts, and this broke the installation. I have set all the shortcuts in RealOne to not be advertized, but I still get this loop when installing it using AD.
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Can you check your Feature table in Tuner and make sure all your features are not set to Advertised? Also, you might want to try running msiexec with the ADVERTISE="", it should clear out any set advertise flags.

Hope this helps, have a Happy New Year!
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I have done all that, double-checked and triple checked every file, folder and shortcut, nothing is tagged as "Advertised", still when I click on a realmedia-link or file, the MSI-installer pops up, a progress bar scrolls, and then it kicks me back to the desktop...

Unless I set the User Interface to "Maximum".. which I don't want to, I want to automatically assign this piece of software to the users...
You mentioned that you want to "assign" this package to all users, that will mean advertising the shortcut to all users and when they try to run the application it will install the full package. Check the application logs under event viewer for additional clues.