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Only copying files


I'm new to software packaging, but have been playing with AdminStudio Zenworks edition.

Some apps we use only require the data to be copied to the local system, and then a shortcut to be created (there is no installer), but when using the repackager - Snapshot method, it asks for a program file to be specified, in this case there is none. So to get around it, i just select notepad, and when the system starts the snapshot, it opens noetpad, and then i close it and just copy the data over that i need.

Just curious if there is a better way to do it.

Also, i've read you can set up dependencies/prerequisites. This appears in the Help section, but it says it needs to be a project, and this tab wont work in the zenworks edition, so it's kind of confusing.
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As far as using the snapshot method, you're definitely on the right track. What might be better suited (so you don't have to launch Notepad) is the two-step snapshot method.

I understand that the help might be misleading as far as how to use dependencies and prerequisites. Essentially, this behavior depends on having the Editor component of AdminStudio.. With the zenworks edition, this is not included, and so to customize the *.ism you will need to upgrade, or to purchase InstallShield 12.
The two step method is the way to go on this.

On a clean machine
... create a before snapshot
... copy files and shortcuts
... create an after snap shot

this should give admin studio enough information to create your installation package.
Thanks for the advice guys.. much appreciated.