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Is it possible to create merge module through repackaging? I have a legacy setup for which I want to create merge module i.e. .msm instead of .msi file. Please let me know how can I do this?

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Testing the behaviour with AdminStudio 5.0, I performed these steps:

1) generated new Merge Module project (*.ism) in Developer
2) added a Component (there are no Features in a MM), built it and resolved any errors
3) saved the project as a template (*.ist)
4) took a Repackager project which was ready to be built in to a Developer project and selected
....a) a Merge Module template
....b) a Developer template

From the Merge Module template, I received the error: 'An unknown error occurred.' Using a Developer template, it built the project without error.

In the Repackager, the Repackaged Output view, you can select to 'Use a customized template.'

The problem is probably in the fact that the Merge Module projects do not have features.
Okay... thanks for this information. May I request this feature for future release?
Yes, that is exactly what I have in mind to do.

I will post the Work Order # when it becomes available
Although there isn't an easier way currently, you could export your components into a Merge Module's a little extra work but it will work.
Yes, that is actually quite a good suggestion

It might get lengthly with a large project but it is a feasible work-around
I submitted this issue on MySupport and Support engineer(Jerome C) closed it(# 1488840) without asking me. He should ask me wheather I am satisfied with this answer or not. Can you please provide me WO# ?
The Work Order is #1-FO4PX