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MSIX BUILD ERROR 9008 & 9009


I’m trying to create a New MSIX Project using InstallShield and getting the error as it attachment. could anyone to assist me here please. And also i don't see any option for browsing the icon file. I can see under visual asset it only allows png/jpg files.


An error occured while extracting the icon 'NewApplication1_xxxxx.exe' -9008
The specified provider is unknown 'ISMSIX' -9009

Thanks in Advance

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Have you tried with any other executable which has a shortcut icon embedded into the binary?

Please let us know the exact InstallShield version you are using to help resolve the issue.

Hi Chiranjeevi,

Thanks for response. Below are my comments

1) InstallShield Version - 2019 R2

2) Yes, i have tried with different executable but issue is same, however for now i have managed to get it fixed by installing the latest patch. But still i have issue in building the msix project. This time it's related to Signing. Please refer to screen shot attached

3) I have created a Selfsigned certificate(pfx) using below article

4) I have tried using all the available signature digest options, but no luck in signing.

Any help will be much appreciated 




Is the self-sign digital certificate installed into the trusted store?

If not, please try installing the same to the trusted store(Trusted Root Certification) and try to sign the package.

Hi Chiranjeevi,


This Certificate is a personal testing certificate created using the article as stated in last conversation and i have installed it to Trusted people, but still i have the same error. 

Using same certificate I have created/ tested MSIX package using MSIX Packaging tool which worked as expected. But when i'm trying same with InstallShield it is not working. 

Can we not use Testing Selfsigned certificate in InstallShield for MSIX Package creation ?




Self-signed digital certificates can be used in InstallShield to sign the packages.

This issue needs to be analyzed in-depth in a screen sharing session to figure out the root cause.

Feel free to submit a new support ticket for the same, if you have an active maintenance plan for support.


Hi Chiranjeevi,

Thanks for response,  I have now raised the please find following Case Number 01968246.


Microsoft presented MSIX to us as an improved version of the AppX package (initially used only for UWP apps) to better support traditional desktop applications on Windows 10, by bringing along the knowledge they have from MSI and App-V packages and the Desktop Bridge program 


Thanks Tim for your response, I have already implemented the patches which resolved following error 9009.The specified provider is unknown 'ISMSIX' -9009.

But now the issue is with Signing related which is pending , for which i'm working with Flexera Engineer.

Failed to Sign MSIX App Package ERR-1027.png