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Adminstudio automation

We are setting up AdminStudio Enterprise. We have a large number of existing MSI packages, and we want to automatically convert these to MSIX format, where possible.

I am assuming that we need to configure a VM in order to automate this, however all our VMs are located in Azure and AdminStudio only seems to list Hyper-V, not Azure. My questions are:-

Is a VM required to do these conversions?

Is it possible to use Azure VMs to automatically convert packages to MSIX format? If so, how is this done?



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Yes, to convert MSI/EXE packages to MSIX format, one would need a VM to carry out the conversion process using the Automated Application Converter.

Today, AdminStudio's Automated Application Converter tool supports only Microsoft Hyper-V Server, VMWare ESX or ESXi Server, Local machines to perform conversions to convert the target packages to different formats such as MSIX.

Adding VMs from Azure in the Automated Application Converter tool is not supported as of now,  but I had a discussion with our product management regarding this requirement and submitted an enhancement request for the same with master issue # IOJ-2090503.

Thanks, would it be supported if I use Hyper-V through Azure ?

Thanks, Clifford

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In local environment, one can host the VMs and the AdminStudio server on the same Hyper-V server to carry out the conversions. 

As far as I know, it should work if the VMs are hosted in a Hyper-V server enabled VM which is hosted in Azure wherein the AdminStudio server also stays on the same Hyper-V server.

Thanks for the prompt reply!