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'Isolate Component' Questions

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I'm using AdminStudio v5 and would like to post the following questions on 'Component Isolation':

1) I recently created an MSI file with 'Component Isolation' functionality by using 'Isolate Component' (InstallShield Knowledge Base article Q105969) for every shared DLL or OCX located in the System32 folder. But it took me many hours, as there were over 50 dll files that required redirecting and the application had about 6 executables (ie. the main app, plus many utilities). I spent many hours with Depends.exe and's Process Explorer determining which dll files were linked to particular executables. Note: The MSI would not compile if I linked the dlls to the incorrect executable. To simply this task, would manually creating a 'app.exe.local' file in the program folder achieve the desired result, without creating component by component redirection within the MSI file?

2) I noticed when I had to modify this MSI file at a later date, I first had to install the original application, then open up the MSI file for modification. If I didn't do this initial app install, the MSI would not compile as it couldn't find the dll in it's original location to redirect to the program folder -> if that makes sense. Is this normal, or have I done something wrong ?

3) From your experience, is 'Component Isolation' really worth all the extra work ??

Cosmo Kramer
(1) Reply
1. I would have recommended that you use the Application Isolation Wizard that comes along with AdmiNStudio V5, that simplifies the task of populating the IsolatedComponents table.

2. If you use the Application Isolation Wizard, this would not be an issue.

3. Application Isolation works well in OS that support it and it is worth the effort. However, it all depends on whether the EXE can be isolated, meaning that the Application is not using any Shared Memory and any other factor that might prevent isolation.