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issue with AppData folder

Hi,I repackage my application and created MSI file using Admin studio 10.0.I have one issue in application after installation when we launch application, "Check for update" menu item should be disable. For this i have created GlobleOOption.xml file w...

Software updates getting installed

HelloWhen I capture an application on a clean Windows 7, from my computer where i got Adminstudio installed (Windows XP). I copy the repackaged files into the adminstudio-computer and create the MSI.When i try to install it on a clean Windows 7 compu...

Copying files to Users %APPDATA%\Roaming folder

Hi,I need to amend a vendor supplied msi with licensing information contained in 2 ini files. The application checks the users roaming folder for a specific folder containing ini files.I would appreciate some advice as to how best to achieve this usi...

App-V Sequencing to another drive than Q

Hi, I've searched but didn't find a match for this question.We are introducing App-V at a large company and the company already has Q drive assigned to business applications and many hard-coded paths are reference a server mapped as Q. So to use Q fo...

AdminStudio 10 Repackaging on Win7 64-bit

Hi,I've been trying to package various programs using AdminStudio 10 SP2 on a Windows 7 x64 box. Before it launches the install application it pops up a new window which is the 64-bit monitoring service. Once the install is complete it goes back to t...

Running reports

Is there a way to run the reports in Compatability Solver on more than one application at a time? Soon as i load them, all I can select is one at a time. Am I missing something?

howyii by Level 4
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Upgrade error

When i was trying to upgrade, it is showing me as "Another version of the product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure, remove the existing version ...use add remove program in control panel”. Even i change...

AdminStudio 10 - Distribution Wizard with Altiris NS 6

I'm attempting to use the Distribution Wizard included in AdminStudio 10.0 (SP2) to create a Altiris Notification Server package.I select the MSI, fill in the appropriate Network Directory, installer command-line, Altiris Server Location URL, User Na...

E00000F by Level 2
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