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Installing several office products seperate

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
On our corporate environment we want to deploy several office XP products seperate, so also with different base packages. I.e. Word,Excel and Access seperate from Frontpage(because not everybody gets Frontpage). We use use advertisement with transforms to install those packages. How can we deploy those packages seperate without getting conflicts(i.e. because they have the same productcode or the product is already advertised)? And what problems does this create for for future upgrades? Hopefully can somebody help me because I'm walking around with this problem for a while but so far I didn't get a satisfied answer.
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why do you use seperate base packages? the easiest way to do it is simply take the full office with everything, then use a transform to install what you want where you want, that way the package code is always the same? Is there a particular reason why you have to use seperate base packages? you can simply install word and excel from the full with frontpage edition.