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Auto App Convert: VM Err 4310 / 0x0035

New install and setup. Using Hyper-V (2010 Beta)VM was created with Guest Agent installed, autologon enabled to a domain admin account. RDP and remote WMI verified.The VM does start up from the snapshot, and the AAC Guest agent is launched."Error 4...

tmangan by Level 2
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Tech Specs to run the Trial Version of Admin Studio

What are the Tecnical Specifications to install and Run the Trial version of Admin Studio 11? I'm thinking the same for the Regular version. I have a laptop with Running Windows 7 with 4 GB or RAM and 30GB of Disk space. Does the trial version of ...

kconway by Level 2
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keeps asking for license key

Ok so i installed AdminStudio 11.5 then noticed 11.5 sp1 was out by the updater message... so i DL it and installed.When I launched it.. i added my license info... and went in.. all seems fine..setup and exited..went to launch WiseScript and it said ...

StandAlone Repackager

When will be the most recent version available? (11.5 SP1)(Source:,Fabio

WFM 6.0 issue with WorkFlow Steps

Hi ,I;ve installed WFM 6.0 correctly, can see the global templates working.But when copying or creating a new template, I cannot view /create / add Steps.. without an error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Description: An unhand...

jaybee96 by Level 8
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WFM Issue with "AdminStudio Phase"

When creating a Workflow Template the following issue occurs:1. Create Phase2. Change Phase in "AdminStudio Phase"Problem: Cannot select AdminStudio WorkFlow because list is empty...Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

AdminStudio 11.5

Hi,According to the website AdminStudio 11.5 has been released.Where can i obtain the setup files?Thanks in advance,Regards,Fabio

Installation Monitoring - file/folder permissions?

Hi, hoping someone can help me! My company is finally moving forward on automating all of our first- and third-party applications. I have been trying out Adminstudio 11.5, and the Installation Monitoring repackager has been working wonderfully - ex...

Capturing an End User License Agreement

Is there anyway to capture an applications Complete EULA? My company has a few small applications that need to be converted to MSI but they have unique EULAs, with different banners, wording and text. I can somewhat recreate these but its takes few d...

MRuney by Level 3
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ISDEV warning -6653

One feature contains more than 1600 Components.What can I do to fix this.Problem is that my build cannot finish succesfully:(