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Installation Monitoring

Hi All,

I'm trying to repackage a setup by means of installation monitoring. This is an installation of approx 225MB exploded. After the process is done there is only 10 MB left. Creating a MSI does not install the bulk of the files needed for the program to run. I'm sure I'm doing someting wrong but what?! Can anyone put me on the right track?


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That's a tough one to answer without actually seeing what you're doing. I'd try using Multiple Snapshots--Single Mode before anything else. It would be unusual but no unexplainable if Installation Monitoring didn't work but Snapshot mode did. They each work differently. Sometimes one will work better than the other. Give it a try and see if there's a difference.

Hope that helps,
Thanks Leslie,
This is what happens: Using installation monitoring the program files are not recorded and with multiple steps snapshot they are. I mostly use the latter.
I start IM and fill in all the fields, in the next screen I save the project files to a networkshare and start the setup. After that I customize the program and start to process the changes. Reviewing the IRP file I notice that a lot less is recorded, mostly program files but reg settings as well.
Can you derive something from that? It would be great.
Not sure if I can help any further. Snapshot should capture any changes to the system. It really should capture all of the changes. Installation Monitoring is process based and can be prone to missing changes if the process is difficult to watch.
OK, Thanks