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Create a new empty ISM file ?

How do I (if there is a way), create a new ISM file?

I am trying to find a way to script the following;
("start a new basic project" with specified project name)

I know you can open existing ism files with the command line;
"C:\..\..\isdev.exe xxxxx.ism"

Help is very appreciated... :eek:
(2) Replies
It sounds like you want to do this through automation--that is through a script. I don't think you can currently create a new project this way. You may want to create a blank project from within the Editor and use it within your script (make a copy, modify the codes, etc.).

You can use ism file (I think it's : blankProject.ism or something like that) contained in Repackager directory.

It's easy and fast.