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How to include application licence while repackaging?

Hi All,

I am new to Adminstudio. Could you please let me know about How to include application licence while repackaging?. Please share any articles if you have.
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This totally depends on your software and its installer.

You might have to set a registry key, a property, a file, or run a command line ... anything.

It might even be impossible if it is kinda dynamic for a single host and there is no command line tool.

You have to find out, refer to the documentation, or ask the vendor of your software.
exactly.. every software piece is different..

yesterday I installed an app... then did a capture to capture just the license part.
I then took the package and compiled it..

msi worked...
revert virtual machine (saved a snapshot to before installing the license was a life saver)
compiled msi excluding all registry keys

msi worked - thus reg keys not needed

looked at the files and only 3 existed....

turns out i found the 1 key that contains the license.... and it was a pita... the file has a space in the front of it...

my scenario was different.. I did the setup capture only to find the license as we are going from xp to win7 and cant find the license keys so needed to know what files we needed...

only way i found to copy a file that has a space in the front is to use beyond compare or command line copy with quotes... but you didnt ask about that... 😄