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Flexera software update captured in adminstudio repackage Legacy Package


I am using Adminstudio ZENworks Edition 10 sp2 on a W7 x64.
I disabled adminstudio's updates (Tools\Options\Updates to never).
I am repackaging a software with "Repackaging wizard".
When i edit the project in order to build the msi, i don't see any files or registry entries referring to Flexera software update.
It seems that FLEXnet software update was added during the msi build.
Unfortunately, when i deploy the msi on a target computer, the shortcut Flexera software update and the service is present.

How to not have FLEXnet software update when i build the msi?

Thank you for your help

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran
I haven't used the Zenworks Edition however I believe it the Editor tool which allows you to make further customizations before building your msi. It allows for further customization than the repackager.
You should be able to build an InstallShield project file, then open the project up in InstallShield.
Check the shortcuts to see if any shortcuts to the flexnet updater are getting created. Also, take a look at the redistributables view and uncheck any flexnet connect merge modules that may be included.
I had the same problem 3 years ago. I was surprised not more people were complaining about this:

Anyway, the solution is simply to delete the merge modules for FLEXnet software update and it will never bother you again. The files are named something like fnc1160_full.msm depending on version, and there are two of them.

Who uses that **** anyway?
Thank you all for your answers.

Actually, in order to resolve this point, in the repackager software, in "Repackaged Output\Advanced Settings", i unchecked "Replace files with merge modules whenever possible".

Thank you