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Flexera Alumni

Since its announcement in 2018, AdminStudio has been introducing more and more MSIX capabilities alongside new and innovative features that together make for an indispensable solution.

  • We introduced a suitability reporting capability just weeks after its initial announcement in 2018
  • Repackager supports the creation and signing of MSIX packages from other package formats
  • Our Automated Application Converter (AAC) was updated to support the conversion of MSI/EXE packages to MSIX in bulk by spinning up virtual machines for automated packaging
  • First ConfigManager, then Intune, AdminStudio supports the publishing of MSIX packages for deployment
  • InstallShield provided support for creating MSIX packages from MSI projects, then added a dedicated project type for MSIX, and has introduced several iterative updates to achieve great support for MSIX
  • We also developed a dedicated MSIX editor aimed specifically at IT Pros—no project file necessary, you can directly edit MSIX files and save them directly, as a package or as a modification package. It can sign, trace, inject PSF fixups, and much more
  • You can easily create App Attach image files in support of Azure Virtual Desktop in either VHD of VHDX file formats

At the same time, new innovative features have been introduced that make all of the above even better. The Package Feed Module provides validated silent installation details to help automate AAC. And you can now subscribe to applications so that as soon as a new version of a product is released by a vendor, it can be downloaded, imported, tested, converted to MSIX format, and published to endpoint management systems like ConfigMan, Intune, Workspace ONE and more.

In the short video below, I walk through the state of MSIX and the many features outlined above to support such in AdminStudio.