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Case #01829548

I had opened a case last week Friday and I'm trying to find a status.
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By Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

Hi Scott,

I'll ask someone to take a look at your case and respond to you ASAP.  I'm also following up internally to investigate why you are unable to view that case.  I'll follow up here as soon as I have any updates for you.  Thanks!

Hey Scott, I got your message and reached out to our buyer side internally to see if a resource could look at the case. For assistance on a critical issue, please leverage the support number in your welcome kit to get a faster response. Also, you are on the page for software companies or IoT companies that leverage our monetization solution. If you would direct any new requests to the below community they would be better equipped to assist.

Appreciate you reaching out and hope you are enjoying the new look and feel of the community


What does that even mean?

Hi @Andrewgupta 

Can you please elaborate on your question so we can get you an answer?

Thank you,

@Andrewgupta  this specific forum is not a general one that covers all of Flexera's lines of business, just the software monetization products. (Flexnet Operations, Flexnet Connect, Flexnet publisher, etc) Scott's case that he was looking for help with is our AdminStudio software and the link I provided to him was to the forum specific to that product on our webpage. This will ensure that he gets a subject matter expect involved to help answer. I hope this helps clear up any confusion.