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Captured CLSID and TypLIB

I have a question regarding CLSIDs.

I have repackaged an App and it has captured CLSID entries for MSCOMM32 components. These are also part of a Merge Module so should I remove the entries in the repackager before I run Developer? Obviously I do not want the MSCOMM to register itself correctly using the merge module and then be overwritten with hard data from the registry table, or? It also captured the entries for the typlib and the actual mscomm entries under HKCR, should I remove them all or leave them alone? When I run MM scanner, it does add the mscomm MM but does not remove these entries. I had this before with MSXML data and had to then reregister using regsrv32 after the installation was complete, is this the reason?
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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Repackager IDE has an Advanced Settings options "Replace files with merge modules whenever possible" and "Map registry data to appropriate COM data".

If these options are set then during the MSI build process in Repackager IDE, all the files and registry data captured for MSCOMM32 components should automatically be replaced by appropriate merge module.

If this is not the case then you can open the ISM file in Developer and remove these entries manually.
ok thx.

I am using this setting, but the entries are remaining. ah well, now to delete 500 odd regestry entries by hand 😞

this is all getting a little complicated now. can anyone recommend a good reading source on what should and shouldn't be here? I have got the hang of CLSID remapping and can follow the registry and delete related entries, but I really simply do not know what I should and shouldn't have here.
1 When the conversion replaces files with merge modules, it should remove all entries for that replaceable component.
2 The registry entries of the merge modules should be identical to the registry entries (CLSID, typelib etc.) captured by the repackager. So I am assuming even though MSI overwrites the entries made by the merge module with the registry entries captured by the repackager, it should be OK (unless their's a problem I am not aware of).
Hallo praveenl. To be honest I am having a little bit of difficulty trying to follow exactly what developer is doing with these MMs. I can see that it is adding them, but I don't see any changes in the registry. Your last post seems to have cleared that up for me. But now I have another question.

What is the point in a MM that simply copies the entries and rewrites them? I have for instance noticed that when I create a package that had caputered the MSXML data on one machine with version 3 and install the package onto a machine with version 2 (my expected result was that version 3 would be installed via a merge module) I end up with version 2 still but all the registry entries for version 3 and deregistered msxmls.dll's. basically said, I had to the manually (well scripted) reregister 6000 computers with their msxml files...I assume this is something i have missed, but i have read the help file totally, the books from Herr Dickau and Baker and also several others..I can't really find a great explanation of what is going on.

I have added my irp and ism files, logs etc. if you can see what I am doing wrong it would be very helpful for me.
About merge module in general - Merge modules are used to deliver shared code, files, resources, Registry entries, and setup logic etc.

About MSCOMM32 merge module - You can open the merge module in ORCA or developer and see Registry table. These are the registry entries it will install. These entries more or less should be same what repackager may have captured in standard.nir. Thats why it might look to you that the registry entries come from standard.nir.

About MSXML merge module.: Your project does not replace any merge module for msxml. Because Adminstudio does not have any merge module for the msxml3a.dll (8.00.7520.1) version in your project. It juts installs what the repackager has captured. The Build Log.txt shows what merge modules are being replaced.
hi, yeah I know, it was a previous project that I had difficulty with the xml files.

After a lot of playing around last night I think I have got it figured out now 🙂 thx for the Info. I was before understood that the MM was an "additional module" that ran during setup. It is simply a database that merges with mine and replaces the entries in my database with component codes that are registered. no actual module installed, just overwriting entries in the tables. (have i got this right now?)

I will go back now to the previous project that made the XML entries bad and then apply what I learn yesterday, hopefully it will then fix it 🙂