Cannot Delete Applications in Application Manager


I have a problem with 2 particular applications I cannot delete from Application Manager. I have validated that I can delete other applications from the catalog but not these two. The similarities I've noticed about these two are:

One of the guys on our team deleted the source for the first application prior to me attempting to remove the application from the catalog. Now when you look at it at the package level, it has a '!' next to the package.

The second application is really defined twice. Once correctly and once not correctly. I'm trying to remove the bad reference.

When I remove these two applications, it warns me that they're going to be deleted and then they disappear. Only to discover after a refresh of the database that they re-appear.

Has anyone seen this before?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Cannot Delete Applications in Application Manager

Hi David,

Can you check if you have dbo access to the AdminStudio database? We have seen such issues in the past, when the user does not have dbo access to the database.

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