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Can't use MSI to create transform with Tuner

I need some help here folks. I am repackaging Blackberry Desktop 3.6. The install comes as a setup.exe. I run the .exe and got the .msi from a temp dir. I opened tuner, selected the .msi and soon after received this popup:

Image no longer available

Now what? I don't want to use Repackager to repackage an MSI. Any suggestions?

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If the original install was created with InstallShield, you can create an administrative install by using the following command:

setup.exe /a

The /a switch causes Setup.exe to perform an administrative installation. An administrative installation copies (and uncompresses) your data files to a directory specified by the user, but does not create shortcuts, register COM servers, or create an uninstallation log.

Once the administrative image is created, you can create a transform.
The original install was done with Installshield. I ran the setup.exe with the /a switch and it did create the app dir under program files. Inside is the MSI, however I still get the same window when trying to launch the MSI via Tuner. Anything else? Am I doing something wrong?
In such a situation, you cannot create a reponse transform. Instead try creating a blank transform and change the attributes you need to change and save the transform.

Let me know if this works.
Have you been able to use Blackberry's msi?
No, we ended up repackaging the MSI using Tivoli SPE. The user has signed off on it and it's in production. No complaints yet. It's been a few months now.

InstallShield let me down on this one....
1st delete whole information from temp location.thn enable the log by using services.mmc and put v thn click apply. Thn instal ur msi whn u get tht setup.exe error dialog just chk the log in temp in log go to the end and see which action is started and ended . Just note down tht action go to custom actions through setup editor and make coment on tht custom action thn u instal ur msi it wont through any error . (probabuly tht custum action wil be "Is verify with script run time" )