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Backlog Automation/Package Feed Module Downloads

Hi Team,

Hope everything is good :).

I have a question. I have used Backlog/PFM to automatically download the installer and its works wonders for our automation.

Our automation is composed of 3 components Backlog/Package Feed Module, Connector (bridge between PFM and Jira) and Jira Automation.

My concern is on the 1st component. PFM auto downloads the installer and then imports to App Catalog, how can I extract/get the Install and Uninstall Command of a certain downloaded installer?


Zoom got automatically downloaded as part of my automation the downloaded installer will be package by my automation however it needs the install and uninstall commandline.

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Hello @normanperez ,

After a package (installer) is imported into an application catalog, the install and uninstall command line switches can be seen in the Programs tab of the package as shown in the screenshot below:


I am curious to understand your use case for fetching the install and uninstall command line switches from the catalog. How do you intend to use these outside of the catalog?


Our automation is composed of 3 parts. PFM, AutoPackage Script and Jira.

I used PFM to automatically fetch/download new versions of vendor installer.

I use script to monitor that download, package and import to SCCM.
I use Jira to monitor and trigger automations too.


out environment is full of customization which I tried to use build-in feature of PFM/Application Manager however our environment needs are much more complicated thus I use script to drive the automation. Having said that, I need the Install/Uninstall script so I can feed it to my automation.


the way it will go would be... FPM downloads the new installers and then pass the Install/Uninstall commandline to my automation that will package/wrapped/import in SCCM then integrate with Jira.

I wonder if "Distribution System" then Custom Distribution Plugin then I'll create a script file that will trigger my automation and at the same time pass/feed my automation with the install/uninstall commandline from script parameter? Is there variable I can use as script parameter that holds the install/uninstall commandline?

Sorry that I missed to mention about the PowerShell cmdlet that you could use to fetch the install and uninstall command line switches for an installer in a catalog. You could fetch command line switches using this cmdlet and then pass them over to your automation script or your automation script might call this cmdlet directly depending on how your automation script is written. Here is the help topic related to the cmdlet:

You could use AdminStudio's Application Distribution feature to publish applications from AdminStudio into ConfigMgr (SCCM) without having the need to manually (or have another script do the job) import applications into SCCM. Here is the related topic:

I will be happy to engage with you in further discussion to see how we can enable you to use the distribution feature to publish applications into ConfigMgr directly or to use the Custom Distribution feature to address your customization to make a publish. I will write you an email.


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