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Automated Application Converter VM Setup & AdminStudio Infrastructure Question


In the environment that I work, they use vSphere for virtual machines.  I am in the process of designing the AdminStudio Infrastructure.  They paid for 4 Enterprise licenses.  No Workflow Manager or Package Feed Module.  I requested 4 virtual machines.  I would like to install AdminStudio on one of those virtual machines.  Is that okay?  Or does AdminStudio need to be installed on physical host outside of the vSphere environment?

Potential Process:

  • Request vSphere virtual machines
  • Install AdminStudio on one of the virtual machines
  • Setup another virtual machine for AAC
    • From my virtual machine that I intend to use AAC access the virtual machine that has AdminStudio installed and install VirtualMachinePrep
    • Install the VMware vSphere API Requirement on this virtual machine I will be using for AAC
    • Follow the remaining steps in Preparing a Snapshot for Repackaging

Would this be the correct process?  Any adviced would be greatly appreciated


Virtual Machine System Requirements

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