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Application Mananger

Once we Publish an Application into SCCM (Now Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager), using the "Application Manager" tool of Admin Studio, is there a way to get the Package ID using the same tool ?

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Currently, we don't have any way to get the package ID.
However we can get the Scope ID of the corresponding Application by running a following query against the database:

select * from ASCMDeploymentType.

If you want to know from which SCCM connection application has been published, you can run the following query:
select * from ASCMApplicationDeployment
select * from ASCMPackageDeployment

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Hello @juhanpad 

I am curious to know how would you use the Package ID after it is obtained from SCCM for each application. I am trying to understand your use case, so I can figure out if we already have a functionality in AdminStudio that can address your need.


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We have Internal Deployment tools , for which need to provide the Package ID as Input. Only then the Application will get deployed.

Apart from deployment tools, the complete infrastructure ( like reporting tools, database heavily depends on the Package ID).
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