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App Iso Wizard error...

I am running the application isolation wizard with manifests for three dll for an app destined for XP Pro. The error I am getting is during the Progress portion where the isolation is occuring and reads: Installsheild Application Isolation Wizard...File Name is Invalid. I have tried generating the manifests off of each of the two different exe's that are contained in the package (captured msi). No other issues are visible either in building the msi, validation, or basic testing. All help is very appreciated!! Mike
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Ok, re-ran the wizard instructing each manifest NOT to create a new component and did not receive the error...any ideas????
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
Hi, I have found out that when you try to isolate a package that is compressed into an msi, you get that message. And to get around this, I had to build an uncompressed msi from the project (ism). Note that it won't work if you uncompress your msi with /a (administrative install) and try to isolate it from there.

Of course, this may not be very helpful if one needs a fully compressed isolated msi.

I also tried to turn off the component creation but it won't let me through. I'm using AdminStudio 5.5.