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Adminstudio auto conversion

For automated testing and packaging, please provide comms details between the Admin Studio workstation VM and the other VMs on the Hyper-V server. Which protocols and ports are used. How does Admin Studio spin up VMs, install software, re-initialise workstations etc?

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Hi @cliffordhull,

I believe, that you are trying to configure the infrastructure required to work with the Automated Application converter to carry out conversions.

Are you looking for automating the whole conversion process or just would like to know the technical aspects of the tool?

Could you please help me understand the use case to provide you with the required details.

Currently we have Azure as our cloud solution and as per previous comments from Flexera have been told we can create our Hyper-V server via Azure.  Once we have Hyper-V we will installed AdminStudio on one VM then use other VMs to be used for creating packages and snapshots.

So using Hyper-V with Azure and using multiple VM's hosted in Hyper-V we need to know which protocols or ports are used as we will need to open the firewall on the devices so that they can talk to each other.

Thank you for your reply.

Currently, I am working with our engineering team to get the requested details. As soon as I have them, I'll update.

Automated Application converter uses TCP Ports# 135 and 443 for external communication and will be using a random remote port within the machine to establish this communication via those standard TCP ports.
AdminStudio Application Manager and AdminStudio Host processes use default port #1433 to connect to the SQL server.

To see the ports which are used by Automated Application Converter - Launch Automated Application Converter tool alone and launch Resource Monitor Tool - Network Tab - TCP Connections.