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Flexera Alumni

The AdminStudio Package Feed Module is the largest resource of its kind. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource covering those applications for which we can provide the best experience.

While there is no such thing as a catalog that addresses every application you care about, it is our goal to get as close as reasonably possible. A key criterion for inclusion is that the vendor setup file must be publicly available. Unfortunately, many vendors gate their application installers behind a login which prevents inclusion. In order for us to become immediately aware of new versions, download them, scan them, test our silent command lines, etc. we require direct access to the vendor setup.

It is also highly preferable that the setup support a silent command line. Given the setup link, we can make such a determination ourselves, but the value of inclusion is diminished in cases where the vendor does not allow for a means of silent installation. That said, even awareness of a new version and the ability to download it has some clear value in AdminStudio where you can repackage or convert any installers that don't support silent installation.

Requests for additional Package Feed Module coverage may be submitted here in the AdminStudio discussion forums. For each request, please create a new forum thread that includes the following details: 

  • Product Name (including vendor name) 
  • Product Version (the latest available) 
  • Comments (any optional information you believe will help the request) 
  • Download URL (where it be downloaded) 
  • Information URL (product home page) 

Please note that download sources must be an official and trusted source (excluding Software Informer, SourceForge, and similar). 

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