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Hello,I downloaded and installed VP1. The installed version is still and the splash screen still shows build 3428...Moreover build.exe seems not to know -d or BuildWorkdirLocation.What did I get for my maintenance contract? How can I find out...
Hello world,when I save or build my installer the installLabels like Installer..installLabels.=xyzare overwritten in my custom_de locale file. Any changes manually made in these lines are vanished.Changes made in the Advanced Designer are written t...
Hello all,when I am installing on Windows I need $USER_INSTALL_DIR$ with file separator '/'.In ISMP resolveString("$N(C:\Temp, /)") returned "C:/Temp". The function $N could be used within the IDE to modify text files.How can I get a similar action i...
Testing my installer, I get the attached error about the Java virtual machine.I am using 2008 Enterprise on Windows XP with SunJRE150_11iWin32.vm.I am creating a web installer with VM.The installer unfolds its files in the temp directory as usual an...
Hi,in InstallShield MultiPlatform there was a classcom.installshield.wizard.service.security.SecurityService. This had a method createUser...Now we are using InstallAnywhere 2008 and want to create a user on Windows. Is there a equivalent class in IA...
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