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Level 3

Create user account?

in InstallShield MultiPlatform there was a class
This had a method createUser...
Now we are using InstallAnywhere 2008 and want to create a user on Windows.
Is there a equivalent class in IA?
Any hint is welcome.
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Level 7

The same class exists in IA, you just need to select Project -> Java -> "Add service support for custom code".

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Level 3

Yes, I found the class in the javadoc. 🙂

To compile my custom code I had to add resource\services\services.jar to the classpath. Is this the right jar, or should I use some of the jars in ppk?

UserSpecification.setGroups expected a String [] in ISMP. Now it expects a GroupSpecification [].

What has to be done to put a user into a group, when calling SecurityService.createUser? 😮
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