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InstallAnywhere license issue

0 1 32
Hi, I am using installanywhere 2015 version from long time, but recently it is started giving license error. But we have InstallAnywhere Premier Perpetual License. Now Whenver I have try to open install anywhere it is asking for License file. So I am...
by manishgupta03 Flexera beginner

Expand archive at runtime

0 3 54
I am trying to expand a zip archive using the Expand Archive action. However, the name of the zip archive can change and could be anything. The only requirement fixed is that it will be a zip archive and will be located in the same location from wher...
by rajeevshukla Flexera beginner

Forcing the installer to check for extra disk space

0 7 3229
Hi, In my installer initially the required disk space is 800MB which IA checks for but I want 10GB space for the complete installation to be done since the installer creates new EAR files & initially IA is not aware of this. Tried to increase the ...
by mdshahul Pilgrim

Stop downgrade in Installanywhere 2017

0 2 133
Hi,I have an installer installed at version 15 on my machine now I try to install an installer with version 13. For this, installer with version 13 get installed and overwrite the directory of version 15 installer. But version 13 installer doesn't w...
by Saniya_Javed Pilgrim

Frameworks softlinks are removed by InstallAnywhere on MacOS

0 3 70
I have a project containing a number a number of .app packages, each one installed by a speed folder. I've put the .app packages in the projects "packages" directory, then created Speed Folders to capture them and add them to the installations.There ...
by bill_sketchup Flexera beginner

InstallAnywhere 2012 transfer to a new machine

0 1 45
Hi, I need to migrate InstallAnywhere 2012 to a new machine. Unfortunately, after years of the original installation, there are no more installation files, documentation, or proof of purchase. Workers who have arranged for this are no longer availabl...
by mapiato Flexera beginner

IA Successful un-install folders not removing - Windows 2016 OS

0 1 48
After successful uninstall of the product , the intended folder is not removing ( deleting ) - This is happening for Windows 2016 OS [ Delete action invoked after successful un-installation of the product , which is taking care of this ].Also this is...
by Cat_Terrain Flexera beginner

InstallAnywhere 2014 (SP1 Premier) Incomplete installation

0 10 1391
I was able to use this file without any problems until i tried to update the JRE provided with the InstallAnywhere application. That's what i did:I used Build.exe to build my installerI noticed I had some annoying java related warnings during the pro...
by francisgomes Pilgrim

How can I abort Installation if any step fails

0 3 98
Hi,I have my installer with many steps, and using some available plugins like copy files, InstallSpeedFolder etc.In my case, installspeedfolder with option "install the folder and folder's contents" is failing with partial copy. Let's assume I have a...
by rakesh_dama Occasional contributor

Installing Trial Admin Studio

0 1 72
Hi , I am installing trail version of Admin Studio, but after I check mark the license agreement the page is grayed out and it does not let me to install. Please see the attachment. Is there anything I need to do for trial version installation? More ...
by marjansayyad Flexera beginner

Parallel Install anywhere ant task

0 2 69
HiWe have around 200 different drivers for which we need to build install anywhere installers?At present we are using ant install anywhere installer task to build installer in sequence for all 200 drivers.This takes 24 hours to complete.However if we...
by kpramesh2212 Pilgrim

Will Install Anywhere 2017 support Java 11?

0 3 124
Currently, we are running licensed Install Anywhere 2017 with jre 8 . Now we are planning to upgrade from Java 8 to Java 11. 1. Does Install Anywhere 2017 supports Java 11? 2. If not, what is the compatible version of Install Anywhere for java 11 If ...
by porwaa Flexera beginner

Passing command line arguments to installer

0 4 158
I'm trying to set up a silent installer for an InstallAnywhere 2018 suite project for MacOS. Ideally for our customers, we'd like to be able to use command line arguments to select the directory and features for installation. The solution seems to b...
by bill_sketchup Flexera beginner

InstallAnyWhere 2018: Security Issue with zlib 1.0.4

0 3 143
Dear Support-Team,Our Security Consultant found some major security issues with very old library named "zlib" (1.0.4 Copyright 1995-1996) used by InstallAnyWhere.As we are using InstallAnyWhere to build our product EXE, this "zlib" (1.0.4) also deliv...
by markus_alberst Flexera beginner