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Update the RHEL 8 server that host the SVM On‑Premises Edition

Hi Everyone

An update is needed by the security team for the RHEL 8 operation system that host the SVM on-premises edition and all the services packets on the system, so I want to ask if there is specific version of the OS and the dependent services (http, mariadb, haproxy, SSL..,)that compatible with SVM or SVM is compitale with all the latest services packet version and the update will cause no conflict or issues.

please advice .

Thanks and regards

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Installation guide for SVM on-prem edition on RHEL 8 -

By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

@fatima Further to what Anish has posted the requirements are below:

The following versions of My SQL and maria DB are supported:

mariaDB 5.5.x from the official RHEL 7/CentOS 7 repository with the RHEL 7 RPM
MySQL 5.7.x from official repository at
mariaDB 10.3.x from official repository at

For PHP 7 version of On-Premises rpm:

RHEL 7: httpd-2.4.x, php-7.2.x, mariadb 5.3/mysql 5.7
The following version of PHP from the is supported:

General (