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SVM Patch publisher is Stuck

Hi Every one

The SVM patch Publisher is stuck in downloading specific packets, and I think the download failed every time, because the size of the packet is big, any how, I don't want those packet, and I want to delete them from the cash or packet download list, because now the patch publisher is stuck, and I cant create or subscribe to any packet.

Any idea how to clear the SVM patch publisher cash, and remove this packets from packet subscribes list.

Note, Those packet are not showing in Packet status list or SPS or VPM to delete or unsubscribe.

So I need a way to clear these packet from the database or patch publisher cash.

please advise.



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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

Hi @fatima 

I see we have a case in which you have posted this same question. 

I will reply on the case with instructions to clear any old packages that you do not want to publish, as this package may have failed and is trying to publish at checkin due to this old failure. 



Hi Steve

Thank you , I check the packet Id in the SVM database and deleted those packet from there.

but please if you had another step share them with me so it would be help in the future.

Thanks, Regards