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Flexera Alumni

Software Vulnerability Research March 2021 update is live now. The following product enhancements are added to this update:

  • Enhanced Threat Scoring

    • Several new rules are added to this update to improve how we calculate Threat Scores in order to help you more accurately prioritize patches based upon likelihood of exploitation. As part of this effort, many existing rules have been carefully adjusted to ensure a valuable Threat Score. For more details, please refer this announcement.
  • Other Enhancements

    • Five failed login attempts for accessing SVR APIs via browser will block the account. Only an Administrator has the rights to unblock such accounts.
    • CSV grid export will add a single quote (‘) if a cell contains text which starts with one of the following special characters: =, @, |, %, to avoid any malicious code execution via macros.

For full release notes, please click here.