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Flexera Alumni

The September 2021 update of SVM was released with a new user interface that no longer has a dependency on ActiveX (and works on all modern browsers). The September 2021 update also introduced the new SVM Patch Publisher, a successor of Patch Daemon with an improved user interface and enhanced functionality. SVM Patch Publisher was introduced as a solution for the ActiveX dependent functionalities of the old SVM web console. This new June 2022 update takes a major step in this direction. The SVM Patch Publisher has now been updated to provide the following significant enhancements:

  • Create and publish Flexera Package System (SPS) and Vendor Patch Module (VPM) patches to configured endpoint management systems like WSUS/ConfigMan, Intune, and WorkSpace ONE.



  • View SPS and VPM patches based on the Products Smart Groups results
  • View SPS patch templates


  • Bring Your Own Patch view to help you identify all the applications that are not covered by the SPS or VPM patch catalogs


  • Support for BigFix Unified Endpoint Management System for publishing patches


Our goal is to enhance the SVM Patch Publisher not just to bring it on par with the previous SVM web console capabilities, but to offer additional capabilities and a better user experience. The Create Update Package wizard in this release is a basic capability that will be enhanced in future updates along with the addition of other wizards for creating uninstall packages, custom packages, etc.

In addition to all this focus on the SVM Patch Publisher, the following enhancements are added to SVM Cloud in this update:

  • A new setting to automatically delete the hosts and their scan data when the hosts' last scanned/check-in date is greater than the specified number of days. This will help you keep your list of hosts clean so you can focus on the hosts which are active and need your attention.


  • The email content of the Smart Groups Notifications is enhanced to give you additional information about the changed advisories to enable you to take quick action based on the severity of the change and will reduce the need to come back to SVM for these details

To see the full release notes, please click here.