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Flexera Alumni

The SVM September 2023 Update is live now, introducing the following significant enhancements:

Improved Flexera System Score

Earlier the Flexera System Score indicated a percentage of secure applications versus vulnerable applications found on a host/device. However, it did not account for the criticality of vulnerabilities, their CVSS scores, or whether any of the applications were end-of-life. As a result, it became challenging to differentiate the risk level between two hosts when both had the same number of vulnerable applications installed.

The improved System Score now considers the following attributes:

  • Secure Products
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Threat Score
  • CVSS Score
  • Criticality
 You can configure a weight for each of these attributes to determine their influence in calculating the System Score. The sum of all the weights cannot exceed 100. System Score Settings is introduced under the Configuration view > Settings. This new System Score will accurately reflect a device's risk level, enabling you to prioritize effectively.

Scan Results for Hosts/Devices

To gain more insights into a device, you can right-click on any device and view its scan results in the Devices view of the Patch Publisher. The scan results pop-up will display applications installed and their status, scan details, and other valuable information.

To read the full release notes, please click here.