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Report Results EOF Meaning


I generate a report where I get a list of applications and under the STATE column I can see the result "End-of-Life Installation".

1. Does this mean that the product is out of support or will it become out of support?

2. Can I include the date where the end of support is set for the specific application?


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It may be easier for the forum members to understand exactly what you're seeing and asking for if you attach/include a screen shot of your report, but please make sure to mask any customer specific data in it.


Thanks John. I don't think the report will help. All I need is to add the date at which the application with become EOL.


I'm attaching a screen shot that I hope makes sense (although I'm pretty sure that it's not prepared in the context that you're facing):


  1. Drag the Date object into the rows list
  2. It defaults to "(S) Obsolete" but you can change it to "(S) End of Life" next
  3. Change the 'group by' option from its default "Year" to "Day" or one of the other options

I hope this helps...


Hi John, I am beginning to understand why I cannot find what I need. Which product is the screenshot from? We have the vulnerability management product. Whats this above?

I moved this thread to an appropriate forum for discussing topics related to Software Vulnerability Management.

I believe the screenshots from @JohnSorensenDK are from Flexera One IT Visibility.

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


The Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager only marks the product as EOL once the vendor officially announces it.  Software Vulnerability Manager doesn't provide dates for EOS, since the solution is designed to provide the statuses related to the security.