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Enhancement Request - Publish Subscribed Packages to WSUS and Intune

Currently, when subscribing to patches (or using QuickPatch) you can only publish to either WSUS or Intune. You cannot subscribe or QuickPatch to both simultaneously. For QuickPatch, you can of course easily resend it to the second one. For subscriptions, this is not possible as you cannot subscribe more than one time to a single patch. I was offered an idea to work around this by support - to create another patching account and use it to subscribe to patches for Intune, with the primary account subscribing to patches for WSUS. But this seems an unnecessary burden, so I was hoping it may be possible to allow either multiple subscriptions to the same product (so you can choose which distribution system it goes to for each) or by simply having check boxes for each distribution system when creating a subscription so you can get them all done at once, if desired.

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

We have already released the latest version of patch publisher, which allows our SVM customers to create multiple connections, e.g. ( WSUS, intune, WS1). Please download and install the latest version of patch publisher from the below link and make connections for WSUS and intune. This will allow you to choose connections while subscribing to the packages. Once the packages are subscribed to 2 different connections, A single patch publisher daemon will publish the package according to the subscription. In that way, you can use a single SVM account for multiple connections.

Hi raslam,

Patch Publisher is not the issue here, and it does indeed do what you say (and it's how we have it set up). The issue is packages in VPM will not allow you to subscribe to more than one connection. When subscribing, there is a simple drop-down to choose which connection to subscribe with - and once that is done, the package cannot be subscribed to again. You can only edit the existing subscription, but not add additional connections.

You are right. But the Multi-selection for connections drop down is already in the pipeline, but we don't have an ETA at the moment.