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The latest secure standalone installers of the Google Chrome product appear to fail on install for systems that have no prior installation. Currently, based on our research and quality assurance, the issue appears to show a problem on the vendor's end. This notion is also supported through a post by a third-party on the support pages of the vendor (See additional info: [1]).
As a result, we are currently unable to provide the SPS packages for the installer and instead provide generic links towards the vendor download pages.
We are still monitoring and are continuing to work hard towards bringing you the full extent and convenience our SPS packages provide in that regard. For example, should the vendor provide an installer which appears to work regardless of installation circumstances, then we will proceed with the creation and distribution of SPS packages to aid our customers.

Today, January 22nd, Flexera released SPS packages to the SVM for the latest 88.x release of Google Chrome. Although the released to SVM version of Chrome has specific build number of 88.0.4324.104 that is slightly higher than version 88.0.4324.96 that is recommended by SA100239 as the next secure version, the higher x.x.x. 104 release should be fully sufficient to patch the vulnerabilities reported through the aforementioned SAID, since this release builds on top of the code of 88.0.4324.96 and it only carries a technical hotfix for problems with the Google Chrome installers reported through the current KB.

Flexera has included a double-reference for the secure version through the SPS system in SVM, where you will notice a recommendation under the "Patched Version" column to patch to 88.0.4324.96/104, thus indicating that the included SPS patch is of version 88.0.4324.104.
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