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Major upgrade leaves old entry in Add Remove Programs

Major upgrade leaves old entry in Add Remove Programs


On Major Upgrade : When installing newer version on old version installed machine, After upgrade the old entries are not removed from control panel.


During a major upgrade installation, User will see 2 control panel entries 



This Issue has been known to occur when the product version range of the Major upgrade item created is not set correctly. if Current product version is 9.02.1, but the Max range set in major upgrade entry is set to 5.0.1 (less then current product version), it will not delete the ARP entry.

Version Range.PNG


To resolve this error message, set the Product Version Range of the major upgrade entry created item within a specific range of versions as follows:

1. Expand the Media folder.
2. Click Upgrades.
3. Expand the Upgrade Windows Installer Setup option.
4. Click the Newly created or existing custom created Major Entry item(EX: NewUpgradeEntry1).
5. In the Product Version section, select the option: Within a specific range of versions: (Minimum Version ? Maximum Version) 
6. In the Minimum Version field, enter the Minimum version you upgrade supports,  The Maximum Version field set it to your current product version or higher then current  product version. 

EX: if your product's current version is 7.0.3, then set max range to 7.0.3 or 10.0.3.


Additional Information

Click here for how to create major upgrade video sample

Click here  for how to create Minor upgrade video sample

Click here  A Newer Version installed error on major upgrade 

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Will you see duplicate entries in the Apps and Features if you have the Product Version set to Any Earlier Version?

We just started seeing this issue, but only on versions in a specific Major upgrade family. e.g. upgrading to will not show duplicate entries, but to will show duplicate entries in the apps and features. 

We did just upgrade to Installshield 2022 on the later 7.2 packages as well. Could this be a contributing factor?

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