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Errors entering key code on RN150 appliance: "Error encountered when submitting key" and "This key is already in use by another appliance"

Hi Team,

Please help with the issue.

While provisioning the RN150 appliance and after entering the key code we were prompted to select between a FlexDeploy setup. At this step, the web-browser's tab closed (by mistake) and I wasn't able to perform that action afterwards with the following message:

> Error encountered when submitting key. Please try refreshing the page, or contact support if this persists.

Refreshing the page or opening it from another browser didn't make the trick, so I chose to re-create the RN150 appliance, which turned out the wrong thing to do, since now it seems that the key cannot be used anymore as the respective message implies:

> This key is already in use by another appliance. 
Please help
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