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Software Usage Expert

We would like to understand the raw software usage table better.  As the admin I been asked the following question:

If we go to Raw Software Usage and look for "Eclipse," I see lots of hits.  The Software Name column appears to be Installer Evidence Names.  And there's some kind of relationship to a .exe (file evidence).  However, if you analyze this evidence and our applications table, some of this evidence is mapped to an application, and some aren't.  Almost none of them have file evidence mapped.

So we'd like a walk-through of this to learn how to utilize raw software usage best.  We really don't need to focus on the Usage rules on the Application records; that's basic stuff; we need to understand the raw usage data.

Is there WBT or best practices that have been given on this topic?


Thanks any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Chris' excellent Application usage metering using the FlexNet inventory agent is a very good starting point in my opinion to get a better understanding of how it's implemented and actually works.


Thanks @JohnSorensenDK I will take a look at Chris' article and see if this answers all my SAMs questions.  I truly appreciate you responding.