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Saas Manager - O365 Reporting

In Flexera PBI report for Microsoft O365 report, there is a tab called M365 Activation & Onboarding. What is that data is all about? what is the difference between activation & onboarding?

Also, columns which talks about HR users count? Could you please help me to understand.

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hello @aishwarya_t 

Regarding the way to check 'HR Roster' I usually go to the left panel 'Organization' -> 'All Saas users' to check if your Cloud application which is used as HR roster application' importing the user expectedly.  I assume in your case if 'Azure' ? 

HTH, I am not very sure about your first question regarding 'activation & on boarding' , if possible maybe upload a screenshot it may helps us see your question 





Please refer to Microsoft documentation for more details about activation and onboarding and how they track this.

The Flexera One SaaS mgt. UI also exposes these details that you find referenced in the Power BI template: