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Possible to stop a CloudApp execution instead of terminating/deleting resources?


I have read the documentation regarding operations and I am unsure how to be able to stop a running CloudApp after the provision is finished.  If I want to permanently keep the resource then I seem to have to leave the CloudApp execution running forever.  Is it possible to stop the job with the operations/handlers?

operation "launch" do
  description "Launch the application"
  definition "launch_handler"

operation "terminate" do
  description "Terminate the application"
  definition "terminate_handler"

Thank you, Quentin

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Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

You can define a stop operation that will be used instead of terminate:
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Hi Tim,

I see that I can define an API action to happen when 'stop' is hit (like stopping an azure vm like in the portal), but that still leaves the cloudapp running indefinitely in the list until Terminated.  My concern with this is that the cloudapp cannot be deleted off the list in history until Terminated and it means that any all deployments are subject to being destroyed if in that list.  Is there a way to have the stop button just kill the cloudapp job in the SS engine like when I run RSC to kill a job?

.\rsc.exe  --retry=5 --timeout=60 --account=______ -F --refreshToken=$REFRESH_TOKEN ss stop /api/manager/projects/______/executions/__________

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