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By Level 9 Flexeran
Level 9 Flexeran


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced that they will no longer support "HP-UX Itanium" by the end of 2025. This means that no new versions of the software will be released. Customers should plan accordingly and consider alternative solutions before the end-of-life date approaches.

Flexera will not be releasing the new version of Flexera inventory agent for "HP-UX Itanium". The last release of the Flexera inventory agent for "HP-UX Itanium" support will be included in the Flexera One ITAM and FlexNet Manager Suite 2023 R2 (version 21.0.0) release for On-Premises, which is expected to be available in Q4 2023. However, inventory data collected by 2023 R2  (version 21.0.0) and earlier versions of the Flexera inventory agent for HP-UX will still be supported by Flexera One ITAM/IT Visibility and FlexNet Manager Suite.

During the transition period from HP-UX Itanium to other platforms/architectures, Flexera customers can continue to use existing 2023 R2 and earlier versions of the Flexera inventory agent for HP-UX Itanium.

Thank you for your continued partnership and confidence in Flexera Solutions to provide comprehensive discovery, deep insight into hardware resources partitioning/virtulization, identify installed software, and IT services and optimized insight to derive the best ROI on your IT Estate and deliver IT services in the most efficient possible way.