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Oracle Options, licensable

When viewing Oracle Instance Properties: If the Options tab doesn't show anything, should the Licensable checkbox on the General tab be left un-checked?

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  1. I go to Installed Applications
  2. I find Oracle OLAP
  3. I open one of the Application records that shows device results. (See attached image OLAP 01)
  4. I click on the Oracle Instance name in the device list to view the properties of that instance
  5. I go to the Options tab of that Oracle instance and it reports "No results" (See attached image OLAP 02)
  6. Since there are no results in the options tab, then back on the General tab of this instance, the Licensable check box should be left in the UN-checked mode. Is that correct? (See image OLAP 03)



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I would encourage you to thoroughly investigate what causes OLAP to show up in the list for this specific instance (referring to OLAP 01), and if indeed you feel certain that it's a false positive then you could decide to uncheck the Licensable check box.

If you believe that the Flexera inventory somehow produces the false positive and this needs to be investigated and eventually corrected then please contact Flexera Support.