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Need Flexera Tech

We are seeking a Flexera Tech with Software Management knowledge for REMOTE long term project.

Data Entry/Research Analyst (2) REMOTE 6-12months

Need data entry professionals to enter a back-log of 3 years of entitlement data (software purchase data, invoices, etc.) about 6500 records.

This initiative is to support the implementation of a new Software Asset Management tool - FlexeraOne. Looking for some support on legacy software entitlements.

This data will be entered into FlexeraOne and experience with FlexeraOne is a MUST. You will be importing data and then processing it. basically, file upload into FlexeraOne. Then process the POs and create a licensing record in Flexera. In addition, you will be required to interpret information, and research invoices as needed.

Much of the data exists in an Excel file, there would be some research to confirm term dates, SKU's, invoice data, and make sure all required fields are populated.

There may be some work mapping licenses to contracts/renewals and/or linking to a contract record in another system (iCertis). Data clean-up is also part of this effort.

Need individuals who are experienced with entitlement entry in FlexeraOne (cloud hosted, not on-premise) and remote work is required as the team is off-site.

Contact Howard at "" or call directly at 212-293-7323x29

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